Well Site Surveillance Now Available with OnPing Stakeout

We’ve always worked hard to guarantee that OnPing is the most reliable way to keep an eye on your sites and facilities 24 hours a day. Now, with OnPing’s new Stakeout service you can actually view your site live 24 hours a day. Our field technicians can now install cameras at your site to have live video sent through your existing PLC and communications system. OnPing’s Stakeout viewer provides access to this video feed alongside the rest of your site information. Cameras work 24 hours a day in sunlight or darkness, regardless of weather conditions. Stakeout can be used to monitor the conditions of equipment or people coming and going from sites. This extra layer of awareness can save unnecessary trips to a site by either confirming or disproving incidents indicated through data. The Stakeout system also archives your site video, making it a vital tool to recover information or evidence after an event. We are working on more functionality for Stakeout every day, so new features will be added regularly. As with most of OnPing’s added services, Stakeout comes with a straightforward flat monthly fee.

Contact Kendall (kendall.burnside@www.plowtech.net) in customer service for more information.