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We Can Create Solutions to the Biggest Challenges to Make Your Data Driven Business WORK


Digital Transformation

Plow Technologies drives digital transformation in industrial settings, modernizing operations through smart, connected systems for improved efficiency and insights.

Fluid System Design

Plow Technologies specializes in designing sophisticated control systems for distributed water transportation, including salt water disposals and transfer facilities.

Product Platforming

Leverage OnPing by Plow Technologies for deploying and managing embedded software across your product lines, enhancing efficiency and reducing time-to-market.

Arc Flash and Safety Studies

Plow Technologies provides comprehensive arc flash studies to enhance workplace safety, comply with regulations, and minimize the risk of arc flash incidents in your facilities.

Retrofits and Upgrades

Plow Technologies specializes in retrofitting and upgrading existing control systems to modern standards, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and functionality.

SCADA System Design with OnPing

Plow Technologies offers advanced SCADA design services utilizing our proprietary OnPing platform, a versatile and powerful tool for industrial automation and data management.

UL Certified Panel Design and Fabrication

Plow Technologies offers UL certified custom industrial panel builds, tailored to meet your operational needs with precision and reliability.

Industrial Network Design

Plow Technologies offers specialized services in industrial network design, focusing on creating robust, secure, and scalable network solutions tailored to your operational environment.

Control Systems Design and Build

At Plow Technologies, we specialize in crafting custom control systems designed to streamline your business operations. Whether you’re seeking enhanced automation or a more intuitive control environment, our expert team is ready to help you achieve your goals.

Industries we serve

We are a leader in oil and gas production well site automation with over a decade in the oil field. Our skilled team of automation technicians can create a custom system tailored to your specific needs regardless of scale. We can engineer solutions to make even the most complex challenges manageable.

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The mid-stream business is full of unique challenges with a massive range of complexity and scale. Plow has extensive experience handling all sides of the oil and gas midstream industry from automating and monitoring sales meters and tank batteries all the way to complete system design for newly constructed or retrofitted separator plants and compressor stations.

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Tight margins and constant fluctuations in oil and gas economics make efficiency an absolute necessity. Plow Technologies has extensive experience building advanced SWD Automation and Alarm systems to maximize site efficiency and safety. There is no better SCADA system for SWD applications than a Plow customized saltwater disposal package powered by our proprietary OnPing software-as-a-service.

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Plow is expert at designing very advanced, affordable solutions for water and wastewater treatment systems of every size. From small irritations to complete system builds, Plow has done it all and with a great track record of success.

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We have expertise in construction systems able to talk to the ever changing array of equipment relevant to renewable energy. Our team of engineers, technicians, programmers and customer service specialists is available to help augment your team with valuable expertise and insights.

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Comprehensive digital transformation of Food and Beverage plants can result in massive improvements in all areas of an enterprise. We can design systems that fully take advantage of existing strengths while bringing in unified structures to give each department the information they need in the format they need it. Precise and formatted reporting, Equipment usage metrics and anomaly detection, batch control and articulate alarming can help to maximize uptime, improve accuracy and get the most from your facility and staff. 

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We can create customized, turnkey solutions for a wide range of Industrial/Manufacturing applications. Bridging the gap between digital systems, bringing machine data and control to team members that need it, automating complex regulatory reporting or measuring the usefulness of expensive equipment, we want to know your challenges and help you solve them.

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Measuring the usage, understanding equipment run times and forecasting maintenance and usage peaks is essential to managing a complex industrial facility. Plow can bring systems from various parts of your facility together with cohesive, easy to use and view data to help you bring the entirety of your facility into focus. 

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