Trending Data Makes New Virtual Parameters Even More Powerful

Virtual parameters have been a big addition to OnPing. Introducing custom configurable virtual parameters means being free from the confines of individual data points and enabling the visualization of custom values. We are very happy to finally announce that these virtual parameters can now appear as trending data. You can now construct a virtual parameter for status codes, tank levels in separate feet and inches, single figure historical data or even special calculations like daily tank values and track their changes over time with OnPing’s data visualization and analysis tools. We’re excited about the possibilities of these new possibilities and already have a few in action with our clients.


Many of our clients approach us with questions they’d like to have answers for. While OnPing provides up to the minute data from numerous points on a site, sometimes more specific information can be had by creating automatic calculations or combining multiple points in to a single value. Plow technicians can create these or assist members of your team to construct these virtual parameters themselves. Once made, a virtual parameter can be exported to new or existing sites with ease, making them deployable across your entire operation within OnPing.


Once a virtual parameter is created, it can easily be added to any of OnPing’s tools. Display this value in tables, line graphs or even as an element in our HMI. OnPing’s data archival system will store the result from these parameters for years on our secure, redundant servers to allow for rapid historical reports or visual analysis over time via graphs in OnPing.


Contact us about getting trending virtual parameter live on your site today.

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