PSO Customers Eligible for Major Rebates for Qualifying Equipment Installation

Modern energy efficient technologies like Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and Pump Off Controllers (POC) are well known sources for huge savings and optimized efficiency in a producing well. With a new pilot program from PSO (Public Service Company of Oklahoma) these already clear cost reductions can be further enhanced in the form of rebates up to 75% of the entire installation cost of a VFD or POC system. This program offers PSO customers a rebate of $0.12/kWh on energy saved through installation of new energy efficient equipment from Plow Automation.

These rebates can result in surprisingly large savings.

Variable Frequency Drives can be used in a myriad of well site applications and can add up to huge energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. Compressors, rod beam pumps, surface pumps and ESPs can all be optimized with VFDs to much higher efficiency levels. On average installing a VFD on a pump motor will save 1,350 kWh per horse power. These rebates can easily reach the 75% mark of installation cost in the first year making it quite possible for a drive to fully pay for itself in 2 years.

In the case of pump off controllers, energy savings on an active well site can often times be as high as 60,000-100,000 kWh per year. Aside from the obvious savings in energy and reduced stress and wear to heavy equipment these rebates can make it possible to amortize and start getting a return from a new POC system in as little as 1.2 years.

Plow can design and build VFD and POC systems perfectly tailored to your application. Based on equipment selected and application, we can work with you and PSO to come up with a reasonable expectation of savings for your installed and operating drive or controller.

These rebates are only available for sites powered by PSO.

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