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Plow Technologies Announces Mobile Well Monitoring Skids

Plow Technologies has rental remote well monitoring skids for operators who want the many benefits of SCADA data and control without the big capital expenditure of permanently installed hardware.

Our SCADA rental skids include a sturdy, portable steel frame, a PLC (field computer), wireless transducers (sensors), and a cell modem to send data back to your command center. The units are self-powered using a solar panel and battery. Our standard rental agreement includes 4 transducers to measure pressures or levels and additional transducers can be added for an additional cost.

SCADA data monitoring and control of remote operations has become an essential in many industries, including oil and gas, natural gas, electricity, water treatment and distribution, waste treatment, HVAC and transportation. Renting rather than buying SCADA technology is sometimes the smart choice.

Why rent? Many reasons.


  • Manage a short-term project without an expensive capital outlay.


  • Keep up with demand when all your equipment is in use.


  • Try SCADA technology before you buy.


  • Monitor the impact of nearby fracking operations on your oil or gas wells.


For more information about SCADA rental skids from Plow Technologies, contact us at 405-265-6072 or info@plowtech.net.



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