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Upstream Oil and Gas Data Management



An E&P was needing better data. A small E&P in the Permian basin needed help with their data needs. They had a lot of wells. These wells ranged from modern ESP’s to legacy POC’s. There were several existing SCADA providers, each tied to a group of integrators. The challenge was to get reliable data in a single platform while working with the integrators who were experts for each locale. 



We Proposed using OnPing to unify the data platform. We worked with several sets of integrators to help standardize the field. We always believe it is more important to try and keep a field mostly consistent instead of changing how things work. As long as the equipment is good enough for us to extract what is needed we believe in a careful approach to change. 




By working with the existing integrators and augmenting their expertise around automation. Specifically with help providing network link and remote access to the field as well as bridged support for other data capture devices. We were able to streamline the process of bringing a well online. Service happens quicker than ever thanks to the lumberjack VPN and there are 3 different integration companies able to work on the end users equipment helping alleviate the pernicious staffing problems that occur in the midland area.

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Industrial Automation Manager


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    Things to Consider When Developing a Well Written PLC Program

    By: Garrett King


    Industrial Automation System Design

    In Conclusion

    If not specified in either the mechanical layout or the sequence of operations, field device level specifications will be required to define what input/output modules will be needed to connect to each device. This step can be overlooked, but is a crucial part of building an accurate materials list for the control system hardware design. The need for this information will be determined by the scope of the project. In some cases, field devices are a specification requirement provided by the control systems engineer. Things to consider for I/O configuration include (but are not limited to):