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EOS Energy Storage Product Platforming


A Large Energy Storage Company with a hot product but a large amount of technical problems to solve needed a partner to help them monitor and deploy their battery systems. 

Their needs were diverse on the software side they needed several pieces. They needed assistance developing rapid deployment systems for their battery firmware.  They needed help with a continually changing and challenging set of networking and monitoring conditions present at many renewable energy installation sites. They needed partners who would reliably provide support and help finding solutions for networking panels, power distribution panels and engineered solutions of all sorts. 


After studying this problem with their engineering team. Plow got to work. We proposed leveraging our UL panel shop to help get their systems out the door faster. We wrote up a proposal to port their firmware and software to the OnPing lumberjack application system (LAS) this was something we could do in a few weeks because of the infrastructure already being in place. 

We also set out to help source parts and work with their engineering team to tackle challenging problems on the hardware and networking side. We set up ARC flash studies for panels and built out made to order networking solutions. 


Plow’s ability to attack complex and diverse problems in a combined approach has made a huge difference in their ability to deliver to market reliably. Working systems were stood up to deploy firmware, monitoring software and other challenging software pieces in a matter of months. Continuing work on monitoring and cost reduction across all their platforms is ongoing. In fact, working with their partners we are about to drop the cost of the deployments to edge devices by as much as 60%. 

Summary (contact link)

Plows experience working competently at high speeds is what made all the difference for this job. Had we not already solved so many of these problems internally the learning curves would have buried us. If you have challenging software/hardware hybrid deployments and are looking for fast ways to improve we might be a good fit!



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    Things to Consider When Developing a Well Written PLC Program

    By: Garrett King


    Industrial Automation System Design

    In Conclusion

    If not specified in either the mechanical layout or the sequence of operations, field device level specifications will be required to define what input/output modules will be needed to connect to each device. This step can be overlooked, but is a crucial part of building an accurate materials list for the control system hardware design. The need for this information will be determined by the scope of the project. In some cases, field devices are a specification requirement provided by the control systems engineer. Things to consider for I/O configuration include (but are not limited to):