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Midstream Gas Processing Plant


Enerfin is a midstream company in Oklahoma. One of their cryo facilities was in need of upgrade. It was a legacy wonderware system that would go out intermittently. This was costly in terms of manpower to repair it and downtime for the plant. 


Plow proposed using a hybrid blend of Ignition for the local systems and OnPing for the cloud systems. We also proposed leveraging our managed edge solution, the lumberjack. This allowed us to deploy the ignition systems in a containerized and redundant way with cloud backup quickly available. 


Since this deployment, reliability of the system has been drastically improved. Gone are the days of computers freezing and everyone scrambling to figure out why. With 2 redundant lumberjacks that are both backed up to the cloud the plant system is on solid ground for years to come. 

Summary (contact link)

Enerfin needed to upgrade a plant to run more efficiently. The budget was tight and the timeline was tighter. Plow used our unique blend of cloud enabled and on premises pieces to get them going smoothly and on budget. 




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    Things to Consider When Developing a Well Written PLC Program

    By: Garrett King


    Industrial Automation System Design

    In Conclusion

    If not specified in either the mechanical layout or the sequence of operations, field device level specifications will be required to define what input/output modules will be needed to connect to each device. This step can be overlooked, but is a crucial part of building an accurate materials list for the control system hardware design. The need for this information will be determined by the scope of the project. In some cases, field devices are a specification requirement provided by the control systems engineer. Things to consider for I/O configuration include (but are not limited to):