While a tank battery is relatively simple compared to other pieces of equipment, problems with tanks can lead to massive headaches. Stopped pipes, overflows, leaks, any problem needs to be seen in advance and stopped before spills shut your site down. Also, tanks are often the backbone of your site and the easiest and clearest way to get an idea for the volume of product you are producing. In addition to the security of alarming you of problems, Plow Technologies can provide up to the minute details of the volume coming in and out of your tanks, and even the composition of what is inside them, using modern dual radars. Not only is this data rapid and accurate, it is archived at high resolution and available for trending reports and graphs showing you progress over time, trends and cumulative data thanks to our advanced OnPing SCADA software. This hosted, web-based SCADA and HMI software can alarm you or any team member to issues no matter where you are, 24 hours a day and give you full access to trends, status and reports to any device. Our powerful HMI view can give you an immediate visual representation of your site and the ability to instantly modify set points to inform you when a specific tank has reached a specific level. With a Plow Technologies automated tank battery, you can have the peace of mind in knowing your site is secure and the improved overhead costs of reduced site visits.

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  • Scale-able tank battery automation for systems large or small
  • Time proven experience with a variety of automation equipment
  • Fully integrated custom systems built to your exact need and nothing more
  • 24 Hour up to the minute data and alarms with our OnPing SCADA