While the data our systems collect minute to minute is very valuable, what happens to that data after the moment of collection can be just as important. Trending information and subtle changes over time can be vital to the profitability of your operation. We have a multi-layered approach to both collection and storage of data to ensure your data stream is unbroken and archived but still accessible to you visually via OnPing. Your data is stored on multiple redundant servers in different locations so that we ensure a full secured archive through any circumstance. This archive combined with advanced visual graphs makes comparison of site conditions to historical data trends effortless and nearly instant. We store this data for a minimum of 6 years in these redundant servers, so you’ll never be without the information you need, even if you don’t know you need it yet.

Since this historical data can be vital, the collection of this data needs to be as complete and continuous as possible. For this reason, we created the Lumberjack logger. This small device installed on site, ensures that even if the connection to your site fails, the data from your site is still collected around the clock, uploading it all as soon as a connection can be established. The Lumberjack has a substantial amount of storage internally and will collect, log and organize your site data, covering even very long gaps in communication, should one occur. This unique system ensures OnPing can guarantee the ultimate in reliable data acquisition and archiving.



OnPing Advance Data Collection

  • Real time collection from all available data points
  • On site logger guarantees unbroken data chain regardless of communications status
  • Historical data stored securely for a minimum of 6 years
  • Advanced charting and reporting to compare trends over time