Advanced pump off control (POC) coupled to modern variable frequency drive (VFD) systems are one of the most impactful innovations that can be added to your production site. Pump off control is a huge part of profit flux on a well. Effective modern POC can reduce energy costs, equipment wear and site visits, all while increasing efficiency across the board. This comprehensive hardware and software solution controls stroke speed and minimum load so your pump is always working at its absolute best. Not only does this mean getting the most production possible out of a pump, it means it is working as little as possible. This means less wear, emergency repairs and electricity bills. A VFD further reduces wear to motor components and energy costs by performing soft starts, bringing the pump up to speed smoothly and avoiding large jolts to equipment and sudden surges in electricity demand. Once your controller and drive are installed and adjusted by our expert field technicians our OnPing service will act as your interface with your pump.

Our OnPing SCADA and HMI service is the central point of data and control for any Plowtech comprehensive automation system. You can login from any internet enabled device 24 hours a day to view status, make changes to operating set-points, view historical data and so much more. Visual down hole cards can be accessed immediately for you to make adjustments rapidly and avoid costly accidents or inefficiencies. OnPing will also alert you to any failures or mistakes as soon as they occur with its custom alarming. OnPing can also be extended to monitor and control every other aspect of your well site giving you complete monitoring and control across your entire operation.

  • Control pump operation based on user editable set-points
  • Reduce pump run times while maximizing production
  • Enable 24 hour unmanned operation
  • Precision control of speed for optimized run times
  • Reduce stress to pump and other equipment
  • On demand visual down hole card