At Plow, we know automation panels. We have designed and fabricated custom PLC, RTU, and Drive panels for some of the most innovative companies in the energy business. Our dedicated panel shop builds custom panels by hand to exacting specifications every day of the week. Every piece is custom designed to fulfill the exact needs of each job and nothing more. We’ve built our reputation around installing panel enclosures in some of the harshest conditions in the Mid-Continent oil field and the region. We know what it takes for an enclosure to survive harsh ups and downs with the highest level of reliability.

Creativity and ingenuity to design simple or large applications comes with our years of experience around many different industrial environments. Guaranteeing the lowest cost to your needs, we will never push un-needed equipment or accessories. When the time comes for growth, call us back to upgrade. See how we can also power your RTU or PLC off grid with our solar solutions. Regardless of the location, regardless of the size, Plow Technologies can find a solution. We love unique challenges and our team is among the most creative and innovative in the industry.

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  • In-house programmers, engineers and technicians to design custom solutions.
  • Dedicated panel shop for clean precision builds of any size.
  • Extensive experience with customization and programming of nearly all popular manufacturer's hardware.
  • 24 Hour field service technicians