Automation Overview

Plow Automation provides full-service automation and state-of-the-art data tools for industrial applications. Automating and customizing your operations is the key to big savings, increased efficiencies and greater productivity. We are a leader in advanced oil field well site automation systems with over a decade in the oil field.

We are a full-service automation company with many years of in-field experience designing, fabricating, and installing fully integrated automation systems. Our experiences in the field have given us a deep understanding of practices across the entire industry and informs us greatly about the equipment we install and the software we create to operate it.

Plow Technologies is based in Oklahoma City, the heart of the Mid-continent oil field. We have many years of experience serving oil and gas companies throughout the U.S. and around the world. Plow serves enterprises of any industry that seek automation, modernization and greater control over operations. Plow is an ideal fit for companies in the energy, electricity, water, waste treatment, and transportation industries.

Our Services Include:


  • Pump start/stop and also speed control
  • Valves controlled based on flow rate, pressure or tank level
  • Remote Well Shut-In for Emergencies or Triggered by Tank Levels
  • Remote Set Point
  • Compressor Control and Monitoring


  • Rate, Volume, Pressure and Tank levels
  • Gas readings from sales, check, injection and test meters
  • H2S monitoring from wells and inside containment areas
  • Gas combustor monitoring
  • VRU Monitoring


  • Tank/Separator Levels
  • Pump Pressures
  • Pump High/Low Rates
  • Flow Line Pressures
  • Well Casing and Tubing pressures
  • AC Power Failure
  • H2S
  • Many More Depending on Needs


  • Regular Maintenance for a Variety of Automation Equipment
  • On Site Calibration of flow meters


  • OnPing Advanced SCADA / HMI
  • Fully Developed In House by Plow Engineers
  • 6+ Year Secure Data Archiving for Easy Reports and Trends
  • Accessible from Nearly Any Device
  • Fully Integrated Monitoring and Control Systems
  • 24 Hour Live Support