Plow Technologies can put your entire well site, or even your entire field in your hands, wherever you are, 24 hours a day.

We are a leader in oil and gas production well site automation with over a decade in the oil field. Our skilled team of automation technicians can create a custom system tailored to your specific needs regardless of scale. We can engineer solutions to make even the most complex challenges manageable. Even in very remote locations we have solutions for power and full 2-way communication of data and control points. We excel in creating systems to minimize site visits, maximize the efficiency of your equipment, and reduce or eliminate costly mistakes and wear to equipment. We have access to all of the leading technologies and hardware in the industry and the experience to know what will achieve the maximum results at the minimum cost. We can guaranty a system that is right the first time and built to withstand the rugged realities of your site.

After our installation team installs your equipment and spends time to calibrate it to your exact specifications, we will be available to you 24 hours a day in case any problem should arise. In addition to a full team of automation technicians ready to service your site, our proprietary SCADA solution OnPing can alarm you 24 hours a day to any problems or events as well as provide detailed custom reports and data visualizations to give your team insights to make important decisions and avoid costly mistakes or accidents. We have a unique blend of hands on field experience and technological prowess to maximize your production and get the absolute most out of your assets.


  • Constant Monitoring of Well Pressures, Flow Rate, Tank Levels and more
  • 24 Hour Customizable Alarms to Text, Voice, or Email
  • Custom Panel Design for PLC, RTU, Drive and Controller Installation
  • Remotely Controllable Valves and motors for Automated Operations
  • User Accessible Set Points
  • Available Preventative Maintenance

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