We have expertise in construction systems able to talk to the ever changing array of equipment relevant to renewable energy. Our team of engineers, technicians, programmers and customer service specialists is available to help augment your team with valuable expertise and insights. Common tasks we have helped with for renewable installations:

  • Huge Family of Data Sources
  • 2 way control
  • Firmware Deployment
  • Remote Access
  • Warranty Calculations
  • Store and Forward Data systems
  • Synchronized Visuals
  • Over the air software updates

Huge Family of Data Sources

We have unique in-house made tools to translate Modbus, OPC, MQTT, Allen Bradley and many other important protocols in to one common data set. We are able to integrate all these data sources together into single systems.

2 Way Control

Site shutdowns, automated on-site actions and multi site actions can all be programmed and deployed without sending a tech to any site

Firmware Deployment

As businesses with remote IT grow, deploying updates to electronic systems becomes quite challenging. Our systems help simplify the deployment of firmware by allowing packaged deployments to be sent and updated remotely and in a consistent manner. We are able to deploy firmware for a huge variety of embedded applications.

Remote Access

We provide a built-in tailscale access point allows session based VPN access to any of your sites easily and securely.

Warranty Calculations

It is very common for calculations like charge counts or deep cycle percentages to be calculated using historical data to estimate or predict warranty and product lifetime information on equipment like batteries. We can create these calculations easily and more importantly update them on the fly.

Store and Forward Data

Remote telemetry means data gaps due to cellular are super common. OnPing and the lumberjack system handle this effortlessly. Your data is always pushed when the internet is available without creating a deluge that takes your site offline by using too much bandwidth all at once.

Synchronized Visuals

Our HMI systems are capable of deploying local copies of any HMI. This allows you to standardize updates to visuals on site easily. While blending them into larger control systems at non remote locations.

Dealing with Change Quickly and Efficiently

Supply shortages often mean on the fly changes in communications, and electronic sensors that are being deployed at various sites. For most hosted systems these changes are a nightmare and require multiple iterations to get adjusted right. Our hyper flexible approach to data ingestion allows the data ingestion to keep up with your equipment deployment needs. We have used our in-house made tools to track 100s of solar packages. We also have customers in the energy storage market space using our systems to deploy battery management software and allow remote access to equipment.

We are great partners to help you design effective data ingestion and 2 way control systems in the renewable space. Please fill out the form to talk with an application specialist and see  how we can help solve your most challenging issues.

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