OnPing can serve as the central command center to water treatment systems of any size. Up to the minute status and levels of pumps, tanks and other processing and distribution equipment combined with the ability to remotely control valves, pumps and motors in one easily accessible, customizable interface available on any internet enabled device 24 hours a day. OnPing’s unique interface can be customizable to serve your entire teams needs from broad overviews to site specific or even equipment specific details.


With many years of experience automating municipal water systems, we built OnPing with water treatment systems in mind. Automation can make a huge difference in the cost and efficiency of a municipal water system. Pump automation along with VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives) can reduce operating expenses dramatically through minimized run times and by softly starting and stopping pumping systems, reducing wear to costly parts and avoiding huge spikes in energy usage. Water waste and chemical use can also be reduced by carefully measuring and controlling flow rates, tank levels and chemical pump systems for precision control and high rates of efficiency.


OnPing features powerful tools for rapid access to current conditions, trending data and even visual representations of tanks and equipment. Every view can be customized for each team member to deliver exactly what that team member needs, exactly how they want to see it. Advanced alarms deliver rapid critical notifications 24 hours a day by voice, text, or email to exactly the team member that needs it most. HMI view can be customized to create visual representations of complete systems or pieces of equipment to provide a rapid visual status indicator or a kind of remote control for a site or system. OnPing’s charts and tables can be configured to provide overviews or for quick trending comparisons covering any length of time. Set points can be used to trigger automated responses to specific situations and OnPing’s secure archiving makes reports and research effortless.


Contact us any time to see how OnPing can make your water system management easier than you’d ever imagined. We love to provide solutions for even your most complex problems.