Water transfer drives are a great source to widen profit margins, reduce environmental impact, and extend the life of your equipment. A transfer drive package from Plow Technologies is a complete hydro-logistics solution. Sensors mounted on all critical pieces of your water supply chain report data back to a Plow Transfer Drive Terminal and is then transmitted wirelessly to our OnPing Cloud SCADA system. OnPing will monitor all devices and send alarms to your team the minute anything goes wrong. With all this data, our Variable Frequency Drives can control your pumps to reach the highest efficiency possible, having them running as little as they need to. OnPing will also soft start and stop your pumps to prevent pressure and electricity peaks, extending the life of your equipment and keeping energy usage down to a minimum. We have years of experience making even the most complex hydro-logistics projects seem easy and we’d love to show you what we can do for your business.

At Plow, we are highly experienced in the field of oilfield automation and choose only the best hardware that has proven itself to be rugged, reliable and up to the task. We are a full-service automation company with over a decade of field proven experience. We cover literally every piece in the chain from our fleet of dedicated field technicians to our team of in-house software developers and designers. Every piece of a Plow Technologies automation system has been designed and custom fabricated for performance by a crew dedicated to being your perfect automation partner.  We pride ourselves on having the best 24 hour a day support in the business and we are happy to do anything it takes to ensure your assets are performing at their absolute best.

  • Complete Comprehensive Automation Solutions for your Entire Water System
  • Precision Control of Pumps for Maximum Downtime and Efficiency
  • 24 Hour Alarming for Every Part of the System
  • Soft Starts for Energy Savings and Reduced Wear to Equipment