Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) can be the key to huge savings and radically prolong the life of expensive equipment. By being able to control speed in high detail and adjust to load properties and motor characteristics in real time, VFD’s can make nuanced changes to the performance of your pumping system and perform soft, or ramped starts and stops to avoid heavy wear to mechanical and electrical parts. VFD’s collect data back on their performance giving them the ability to optimize performance over time and compensate for heavy loads and self-adjust for a perfectly constant flow. These self-adjusting properties ensure that your pumping system is always functioning at peak efficiency and therefor getting the highest possible return for the equipment investment.


We have extensive experience with VFD pump systems in the field and can design systems perfectly suited to your businesses specific needs. Getting a perfect balance between pump and drive is key to getting the most from your system without any extra capacity or equipment that will go unused. We use very advanced modern VFD’s with smart features to save money, increase efficiency and minimize side effects from VFD’s like harmonics and regeneration. We have a full time, in house panel shop that designs and constructs every VFD assembly to the exact spec needed. Every assembly is designed in house, constructed and fully tested before leaving the shop to guarantee the highest quality. Our expert field installers will install, set up and fully calibrate the system on site and we will support it with complete 24-hour technical support.


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Variable Frequency Drive Features

  • Nema 3R Rated Enclosure
  • External Lit LCD control Panel
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Load Tuning
  • Auto Torque Boost
  • Auto Flow Compensation
  • Advanced Protective Features