Getting the most from your site in the modern energy industry requires advanced data collection and communications. While this critical technology requires constant power, easy access to commercial electricity is not always guaranteed or affordable. Plow can design an off-grid power system for any site to provide high efficiency, low to no cost electricity 24 hours a day in even the most remote areas. Plow Technologies is one of the most experienced solar power providers in the Mid Continent and we’ve been designing comprehensive off-grid energy systems for years. Our experience, and our team of skilled engineers and technicians can design a system to your specific needs, finding the perfect balance of cost and constant reliability. Solar panels can be an enormous hassle when not installed properly, causing downtime and endless service calls. With a well-designed system the power you need will be there, without it being a constant concern. A well installed solar panel matched up with a battery array carefully chosen for your needs will produce reliable, cost effective power 24 hours a day, even on cloudy days. Once Plow has designed and installed your power system, our support team will be available to you and your team 24 hours a day, and your power generation system will be monitored around the clock by our OnPing Cloud SCADA software (link), with immediate notifications of failures or reduced voltage, allowing many problems to be solved before disrupting your operation.



  • Comprehensive off grid power solutions for constant, reliable power
  • Custom systems designed specifically for the demands of your site
  • Time tested methodology for immediate results and maximum up time
  • Scale-able systems for any size need