On-premises SCADA and HMI: Disadvantages well-known

Many of the best-known SCADA and HMI software solutions emerged when the Internet was in its infancy, the World Wide Web did not yet exist and nobody had ever heard of hosted or cloud based SCADA software. In those early days, the only way to obtain software was to purchase it, install it and maintain it in-house. Today that antiquated model is called “on-premises software.”

What’s wrong with on-premises software? Mainly the huge cost. There’s the big initial investment to purchase the software and the servers to run it on. The costs of running an IT department that is kept busy mastering the software, installing and upgrading it, setting up user interfaces, devising data capture strategies and troubleshooting. The end users, your team members on the field and across your network, are at the mercy of IT to help them squeeze the data they need out of your inflexible, instantly out-of-date system.

Software as a Service: Pros and Cons

With Internet access and lightning-quick networks now available everywhere, hosted SaaS is the modern choice.

The advantages of SaaS are many. Mainly, it is so cost efficient! Low cost of entry. Pay-as-you-go pricing. Upgrades, security and troubleshooting handled by the provider, greatly reducing the drain on IT. Also, no worries about networking throughout your plant or among multiple, far-flung locations. Your software resides on secure remote servers and is easily accessed by your entire team.

The first wave of SCADA Software-as-a-Service solutions had their disadvantages – namely, lack of customization. SaaS solutions tend to rely on one-size-fits-all templates. Ways to view data are limited to a few default tables and graphs. It is hard or impossible for field workers to obtain the exact data they want in the exact format they want it.

For this reason, many growing companies continue to prefer on-premises software, which can deliver more customized data capture and data visualization – even though those benefits come at a much higher cost and with a lot more headaches.

Then there was OnPing

Plow Technologies set out to revolutionize the SCADA software market by providing a hosted Software-as-a-Service solution with all the advantages and none of the limitations.

OnPing resides on Plow Technologies’ servers; we handle the maintenance, upgrades and troubleshooting. You realize the cost savings that result from eliminating the upfront investment and continued maintenance that on-premises software requires.

What makes OnPing revolutionary is that it is a highly customizable SaaS SCADA solution. OnPing empowers each user at every point in your industrial process to choose the data they want to receive and customize how they view that data.

This revolutionary capability really does set OnPing apart from everything else available on the SCADA market.

Advantages of OnPing Hosted Scada

  • No IT infrastructure needed, no expensive servers or managers to run them
  • Compatible with any internet capable device
  • No Software Updates needed
  • Accessible Remotely 24 Hours a Day
  • Completely customizable interface