The OnPing HMI is a highly customizable interface that puts vital process controls and up to the minute data in your hands, wherever you are. Included in your OnPing subscription, there is no limit to the number of custom HMI’s that can be built. HMI panels can be made for specific devices, processes or even team members. OnPing treats HMI panels as widgets so they can be combined in to dashboards with other powerful tools like tables, gauges or charts. Dashboards can be constructed with multiple tools for single pages that represent massive amounts of critical data. These dynamic pages are optimized for mobile or desktop viewing and work well on numerous web enabled devices making them completely portable and accessible from anywhere.

Building an HMI couldn’t be much easier. Included in you OnPing subscription, there is no limit to the number of HMI’s that can be built and no additional charge. Simply add an HMI widget to any OnPing dashboard panel and start building. The HMI editor is a click and drag interface built in to the HMI widget that makes HMI setup and layout very easy. Choose one of the many rich graphical icons and move it around the screen as needed. The HMI library is loaded with useful icons like tanks, valves, pumps, buttons and indicators that are scalable and interactive. Graphics can also be uploaded by users to add things like logo or diagrams. Once the perfect HMI is built, and functioning the way it should, The HMI can be duplicated via the Import/Export feature to use on another dashboard or site. Just import an HMI export file, reassign the data sources and save.

The HMI is a critical piece of what makes OnPing so flexible and powerful. What we strive for at OnPing is both industry leading data reliability and the ability for our users to receive that data in the way that is best for them. Regardless of what format you prefer, chances are, we can do it in OnPing.

HMI Control & View Features

  • Graphic representation of constantly updated data
  • Customizable controls, buttons, and status indicators
  • SCADA and HMI in one convenient location
  • User customizable time based set-points
  • Easy drag and drop editor to construct your own custom panels
  • Create custom panels for different members of your team