The way your data changes over time tells you volumes about how an operation is performing. The ability to quickly look at trending information over time is an essential part of optimizing your operation and detecting problems or inconsistencies before they cost money or valuable up time. OnPing combines its’ powerful archival functions with advanced charting to display historical data in a clean, concise manor that gets you the answers you need immediately. The line graph widget in OnPing can be configured in a near infinite number of ways to give you everything from simple data points over time to multi-axis comparisons, overlays, scatter plots and much more. We archive data from all sites in a secure redundant server for at least 6 years so that reports can be generated quickly to show long term trends and histories. We also employ modern data logging hardware at our sites to ensure an unbroken, complete data chain. Depending on the equipment available on site, we can often achieve up to the minute polling times for nuanced detail in a 24-hour period. Charts can be configured for any length of time and the resolution can be changed to show any points from minutes to days, to weeks. The historical charting in OnPing while very complex, has been designed to always deliver a clean look and hassle-free experience to all users and to be configurable in seconds. Tools like this and many others give OnPing the power and flexibility to display your data in just the way you want it. Our team of IT professionals are happy to assist you in getting custom screens made for your team, displaying the data they need, in the way they need to see it. Contact us today to schedule a demo and see what OnPing has to offer your organization.



Historical Trends & Custom Charts Features

  • OnPing records and automatically backs up data over time.
  • Use custom charts and graphs to display any values over any range of time
  • Use multiple historical data points in charts for quick comparissons
  • 100% User customizable and able to be changed from any device at any time.