The SCADA alarms of OnPing are highly customizable and powerful. You can choose from any data point or condition and set the circumstance of alarm yourself. You can produce custom call order sets to only alarm certain people for certain events. Alarms can be set to very fine detail, dictating how long it will take to notify you again after an alarm has been acknowledged, how many attempts it will make to contact, who it contacts and more. The scheduling system built in to OnPing allows for scheduling your whole team only notifying the team members on duty at the time the alarm is triggered. Between scheduling and custom call orders, team members on duty will be notified in order based on a hierarchy set out in advance to make sure no alarm goes un noticed by the people that need to see it most. Alarms are sent through text, voice, email or pager making it possible to contact members of your team nearly anywhere. The OnPing alarm system has been constructed to ensure your site is never without a watchful eye, 24 hours a day.


Custom Alarming Features

  • Receive Alarms via Text, Voice or Email
  • Fully Customizable Call Orders
  • Advanced Personnel Scheduling to Avoid Alarms in Off Hours
  • Create Multiple Call Orders to Direct Alarms to the Team That Needs Them