Compressor automation can be a vital service in various stages of modern oil and gas production. Midstream compressor stations, re-injection sites, gas lift wells and VRU’s all rely on costly and powerful compressors for their function. Plow can automate and monitor nearly any brand or size of compressor to ensure the highest level of efficiency and reduce costly, long term wear and tear. Your plow automation installation will enable communication with compressors at any point in your operation to get up to the minute status as well as output pressures and 24-hour alarms to warn of inconsistencies or failures. Our OnPing hosted SCADA system will collect this data and give you instant access to it from any device at any time. In addition to collecting data from your compressor system, OnPing will archive it all and make it accessible in reports or trending graphs to allow you to see changes or anomalies to try and spot alarming maintenance issues or changes in well conditions before they become problems.

  • Up to the minute monitoring of volume, pressure and downtime
  • 24 hour alarming via text, voice and email
  • Custom Tailored Solutions for Your Exact Needs
  • 24 Hour a Day Customer and Technical Service