OnPing has the ability to automate and enable remote control of your plunger lift system through its custom HMI and specialized plunger lift application. With OnPing plunger lift control you can have access to regular reports of plunger status and operating times from any internet enabled device in any location. OnPing archives these times so you can look at historical arrival or fail trends to get a broad picture of your plunger’s performance. Perhaps the greatest advantage of this software-based plunger control solution is that in most cases it can be integrated in to your Plow Technologies PLC with only minimal additional hardware. It is even possible to centralize control of multiple plungers on a site or even on multiple sites in to one online dashboard for quick access and rapid assessment. Set arrival time, afterflow minimum time, afterflow maximum time, mandatory shut-in time, and other parameters for custom alarming and automated functions. This web-based control and automation solution means considerable savings on costly hardware controllers and less time spent on site adjusting times and settings. Custom set-points and alarms mean the system can respond quickly to any errors or failures in equipment preventing costly accidents or damage.


Artificial Lift Control Features

  • Soft plunger control implementable on a variety of hardware
  • No dedicated controller necessary
  • Accessible through a rich graphic interface
  • Disable plunger remotely or automatically
  • User customizable time based set-points
  • Run multiple plungers through one device