OnPing is a modern hosted SaaS, or Software as a Service SCADA. This means that while OnPing is a powerful application, fully capable of all the demands of enterprise level users with ultra-high reliability, it exists on the web and is accessible from any standard web browser. What this means to OnPing’s users is that any device that is capable of browsing the web, can also access OnPing and all of its features. Whether it is a desktop computer at an office or a mobile device many miles out in the field, the same level of access and control will be available.

Another great benefit of OnPing being web based is never having to install software or dealing with regular updates. OnPing is always running its newest version and it is updated regularly by our team of software developers. We stay in constant communication with our customers and many features and changes have been implemented quickly based on their requests. We are committed, obsessed even, with making OnPing the most user friendly, customizable and universal SCADA / HMI system on the market.

From a hardware standpoint, OnPing is also device agnostic. This means regardless of the hardware you have installed at your site, OnPing can be configured to speak with your installed devices, often with little to no updates or installs. Our development team are leaders in the field of automation software and have extensive experience communicating with devices from a broad range of manufacturers and eras. Regardless of the age of your equipment, contact us, you may be shocked to find out how little needs to be done to bring your site up to modern standards.


Bennefits of Browser Based Hosted Software

  • Browser based, and compatible with all popular web browsers
  • No software installs, no updates
  • Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Changes and controls immediately changed on all devices