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OnPing is a hosted, web based SCADA and HMI application that is revolutionizing the SCADA software market. OnPing delivers the huge cost savings and convenience of hosted software-as-a-service with user customization previously possible only with on-premises software. The result: a 21st-century SCADA solution that governs the automation, control, data gathering and dissemination of your industrial operations, while providing all your team members the exact up to the minute data and trends they need, exactly the way they want to receive them.

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Your data is critical, and how you see it, and what you do with it, is key to getting the most out of your operation.

Fully customizable real time reports, alarms, and controls accesible from any internet capable device means peace of mind, all the time.

What can OnPing do for you?

OnPing MONITORS your field data. Sensors at remote locations send a continuous flow of real-time data to OnPing.

OnPing ALERTS you to changing variables and circumstances in the field. No need for constant human monitoring. Receive notifications from any computer, mobile device, email address or pager.

OnPing DISPLAYS data in easy-to-read graphics: virtual gauges, dials, etc., that make your data easy to read and easy to respond to rapidly.

OnPing ANALYZES your data. All data is archived, making customized reports possible on any variable or trend. Greater knowledge leads to greater control, performance, productivity and profit.

OnPing RESPONDS to changes with automated actions you prescribe. OnPing can automatically activate emergency call-outs, allow operators to initiate shutdowns, with full supervisory control.

OnPing gives you CONTROL. You can adjust values from headquarters, from anywhere with internet access, even in the field.

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