OnPing HMI Gets a Major Update With Improvement to Editing Tools

OnPing HMI just got a huge update that makes building custom HMI screens easier and faster than ever before!

Since its introduction a couple of years ago, OnPing custom HMI has become one of OnPing’s most popular features. The highly customizable HMI interface continues to be put to use in more and more exciting ways all the time. From visual representations of entire facilities to quick reference status tables, OnPing HMI is a visual toolbox to create nearly any visual interface your workflow requires.

In this update, the first major overhaul since its introduction, we have addressed many of the tools used to create and edit HMI’s in OnPing. We’ve made significant improvements to drag and drop functionality, import and export tools, image handling tools including a gallery of frequently used images and much more.

We are excited to hear from our users other ways we can improve on this powerful tool and to see the many ways it continues to be put to use.

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