New Onping Custom Export Feature Makes Forms Easier Than Ever

OnPing’s custom table now has the ability to export to Excel or other spreadsheet applications with custom formatting. We can set up a custom table for you that allows you to view your data up to the minute in OnPing, and then export to a specific layout for formatted forms like compliance or corporate reports with rigid standards and layouts.


We hear from many customers that have numerous forms, documents and other applications their data needs to be moved to on a regular basis. Even with OnPing’s quickly accessible tables and reports, this has still meant that someone ends up copying and pasting values in to forms, adding many labor hours to an already busy schedule. With our new advanced exporting tool, a custom table can be made for each data set needed and exporting becomes as simple as a single click. This data can be custom formatted to any style needed, colors, text sizes, decimal places, nearly any variable can be accounted for. All you need to do is simply send us a copy of the spreadsheet form you’ll need it fitted to, and we can produce an exportable custom table formatted to the exact specification needed. Once the table is formatted these forms become a simple repeatable operation accessible 24 hours a day. This service comes included in your OnPing subscription cost, no upgrades or additional services needed.


Contact Kendall ( ) in customer service to set up your custom exports today.

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