Water is the No. 1 product by far of oil and gas production. For each barrel of oil, three to as many as ten barrels of water are produced. That makes saltwater disposal (SWD) and other water management functions a huge factor in oilfield economics. Tight margins and constant fluctuations in oil and gas economics make efficiency an absolute necessity. Plow Technologies has extensive experience building advanced SWD Automation and Alarm systems to maximize site efficiency and safety.

The key to reducing operating costs and achieving maximum protection against potentially catastrophic environmental damage is automated monitoring and control of SWD. There is no better SCADA system for SWD applications than a Plow customized saltwater disposal package powered by our proprietary OnPing software-as-a-service.

Why Plow Technologies?

Plow creates customized Automation solutions specifically designed for saltwater disposal facilities and saltwater reclamation sites. Let us design the perfect SWD package of sensors, meters, valve motors and drives to automate your disposal or reclamation operation.

Our solutions provide automated trucker login, automated ticketing and automated invoicing. Adding new companies and truckers to the system is easy. Our experienced engineers and field technicians will design, deliver and install the system.

Plow’s SWD solutions are powered by OnPing, our proprietary application that is the future of SCADA software-as-a-service.

  • Continuous monitoring: Real-time data available 24/7/365 on any device from any location. Pressure readings, tank levels, volumes, flow rates and water fingerprinting. Plow will customize what you monitor to provide the exact data you want.
  • Supervisory control: Control your pumps and all SWD operations remotely from any place where you can access the Internet.
  • Rapid response: Periodic monitoring by field personnel is too little too late. Your Plow SCADA system will activate alarms, notifications and call-outs based on the parameters you set, so you know immediately about tank overflows, pump failures and pipeline leaks.
  • Reduce downtime: Head off interruptions before they happen. Continuous monitoring and remote supervisory control empower you to fix problems before they lead to costly downtime.
  • Decrease your risk: SWD leaks and spills can have potentially catastrophic consequences. In addition to harming the environment and creating a PR nightmare, spills can cost operators millions of dollars in clean-up and regulatory fines.
  • Custom data accumulation and reporting: The SWD data you need, formatted the way you want it, to make accounting and regulatory reporting easy. Data can be defined per truck, per company, per site and/or per region.

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