The mid-stream business is full of unique challenges with a massive range of complexity and scale. Plow has extensive experience handling all sides of the oil and gas midstream industry from automating and monitoring sales meters and tank batteries all the way to complete system design for newly constructed or retrofitted separator plants and compressor stations.

Not limited to one manufacturers equipment we have the ability and the knowledge to design solutions perfectly suited to our customers’ needs and demands. We also have the well-trained staff needed to ensure every piece of equipment is properly installed, calibrated and maintained to the highest standard.

Our unique team of engineers, technicians and software developers can also develop comprehensive communications, data collection and control systems that give your team access to vital up to the minute information and alarms on all of your facilities and the tools to act on them quickly. The same system provides complete data collection and visualization allowing for detailed analysis of trends as well as nearly effortless reporting.

We have made a name for ourselves solving unique challenges for some of the industry’s most innovative companies. We’d love to know what problems we can solve for you.


  • Complete system design, fabrication and installation
  • Up to the minute monitoring, alarming and control
  • Expert installation, calibration and maintenance of oil and gas measurement equipment from a range of manufacturers
  • Preventative maintenance plans available
  • Complete communications systems for up to the minute data collection, archival and visualization
  • 24 Hour a day support

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