Introducing OnPing Virtual Parameter Alarms

Since their introduction a little less than a year ago, virtual parameters have transformed our OnPing SCADA /HMI platform. Virtual parameters have allowed our users to produce unique data results composed of purpose-built formulas or combinations of multiple data sources. Building on the power of virtual parameters, the ability to trend these parameters followed shortly after, allowing the results of these virtual parameters to be tracked over time and for historical results to be accessed and understood quickly.

The latest development for virtual parameters is this month’s roll out of alarms for virtual parameters. We were quite excited and often surprised to see the numerous unique ways our customers were able to put virtual parameters to use and we already see enormous potential for virtual parameter alarms. Virtual parameter alarms enable rapid alarming for very specific circumstances, for example when a tank level is ‘x’ and a pressure is ‘y’. You can also use virtual parameters to cluster multiple sites or data points in to one single alarm, a good example being a single alarm for a communications failure at a multi-site location. When communications fail at any one of the multiple sites a single alarm goes out, with a message indicating which of the sites has failed to communicate. This dramatically reduces the number of alarms have to be changed when a call order or route has been changed, while still delivering a very clear picture of the action that needs to be taken immediately.

OnPing users can learn more about Virtual Parameters HERE or by contacting OnPing customer support HERE

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