Fine Tune Your Solar Power System with OnPing

A system is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. For many remote sites, this is often a solar power system. Designing a good solar power system for an off grid remote site can be very tricky, too much capacity can mean a large expenditure going largely unused, while going too lean may result in down time, site visits and other costly failures.


Plow has been designing solar systems for many years with great success, but we’ve always wanted a way to track the performance of these systems in real time and identify trends and cycles with historical data. With recent advances in our OnPing SCADA and HMI, including virtual parameters and highly customizable HMI view, this is all possible.


OnPing’s Solar Power Monitoring dashboard achieves all of this. One simple screen provides an instant visual status of your entire power system including panel and battery voltages, current draws, load status and charging status. Below this power status HMI trending graphs can be constructed to view changes in status over any period of time. Having access to this kind of data can quickly pinpoint weaknesses in the power system at a site as well as provide insight in to unique factors at a site that may have significant impacts to the day to day power supply.


An OnPing Solar Power Monitoring dashboard can be set up for any site that has power data being uploaded in to OnPing. Contact OnPing customer support HERE for more info




Plow Technologies offers affordable customizable Industrial and Oil Field automation, control and monitoring systems to match any site. OnPing, our powerful hosted SCADA and HMI software gives you the power to make critical changes and access vital data from anywhere, at any time. While we are headquartered in Oklahoma City, in the heart of the Mid Continent Oil Field, we have clients all over the country, let us know what Plow can do for you.

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