Acknowledge Alarms From Your OnPing Dashboard With Our New Alarm Table

At OnPing we love hearing from our users about how the features in OnPing can be enhanced to make their day to day workflow easier and more productive.

The reality of servicing industrial and oil field applications is that not all sites have the same limitations or challenges. Many sites or locations may have terrific access to internet while having almost no access to cell phone service. We’ve also had many users who are behind computer screens all day while only having minimal contact with their phones.

OnPing now has the ability to acknowledge alarms directly from your OnPing dashboard. Once tripped, the alarm will appear as tripped in your OnPing alarm table. Clicking on the status indicator will present a button to acknowledge the alarm. Once acknowledged, the status indicator will show it as acknowledged until the alarm has been cleared.

We will continue to enhance our alarm system and all aspects of OnPing and we rely on our users feedback to make OnPing its best. Please feel free to tell us any way OnPing can be better for you and your organization.

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